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Look Charming Everyday with our Everyday Charm Collection

Who said you need to go office in same boring look everyday. We have created EverydayCharm Collection, special office wear jewellery collection where you can get subtle yet beautiful jewellery pieces which make you look stylish but not loud and go with office work atmosphere.

Dressing professionally is very important in addition to achieve many successes in a career. A good presentation does matter in increasing your respect in the working world. Your personality increases with not only dressing professionally, but also in choosing the right jewellery which looks simple and professional. The jewellery wear at office must be simple and shower that reflect your personality. Dressing well in the workplace can help professionals advance in their careers and open up opportunities for them.

Every woman has different taste in jewellery selection.


Keep your jewellery small and classy, Go with a pendant chain, a beaded necklace, stud earrings, small drop danglers, a band ring or may be a sleek bracelet. Just remember that you have to adorn yourself and not embellish heavily.


Just because you have to take the minimalism route does not mean you have to look all boring. Have a mix of contemporary sterling silver jewellery and classy cz diamonds, stylish yet subtle gemstones and the sophisticated pearls in your work wear wardrobe. Accessories and jewelleries can never be removed in a woman wardrobe. However if you are about to finish college and about to start an office girls’ life, you should also learn to adjust to the new fashion changes. Jewellery is a great way to add a touch of style to your everyday office wear wardrobe. Here are jewelleries that make your look attractive and professional at office as:


Face play an important roll in wearing earrings. The earrings according to face like Larger earrings can still look appropriate on round faces and avoid square shape earrings and wear small hoop earrings, short drop earrings for square shape faces that give you a charming and attractive look at office. Geometric patterns are another excellent choice to wear at work. They are simple, with clean lines and angles that create an interesting piece which leaves a lasting impact. The earrings made of gold and stones work and diamond also perfect for office.

Accessories that you can wear to your office:


When you go up the career ladder, gifting yourself jewellery is a great way of acknowledging your success and hard work. The necklaces style depend upon neckline body structure like Square necks-look for pendants with an angular finish to harmonize with the angular neckline, V neck-ideally a necklace that matches the shape of the V-depending if it’s a wider or narrower V neck. And Cowl neck this neckline is already detailed and has volume, so either a short and small pendant or a pair of feature earrings instead of a necklace. The necklace must be in simple chain or gold chain designs with pendants studded of diamond, stone or pearls.


Bracelet is a beautiful ornament for women and men both. A simple design bracelet enhance your personality and give a charming and attractive look at office. You should opt for pearls, gold and silver. Steer away from multi layered bracelets because it will just ruin your office look. The bracelets stud with gemstones or diamonds are also considered to be the perfect outfit for office wear. You can also choose simple pearl bracelet can add a charm in your office look.

Bangles :

The office going ladies who are married should mostly prefer the bangles of simple designs of gold or silver metal or diamond studded. You can further choose classic designs of gold bangles for office wear. These types of bagels will be best for both special occasions and office. This give women a simple and beautiful look at office.

Rings : 

Rings are a essential jewellery for Men and Women both who go office. A ring is a round band, usually in metal, worn as ornamental jewellery around the finger or sometimes the toe. It is the most common current meaning of the word “ring”. Strictly speaking a normal ring or a finger ring. The designs of rings should be simple and light weight that give a attractive and charming look at office.


Watches is best modern ornament of office going people. It is a best gadget for both Women and Men. To wear a watch at office show that you are aware about your time and workplace and communicate to people that you are responsible, aware of time, and other good traits.Today’s modern design watch work as both bracelets and watch. The watches comes in different colors and latest fashion design. Latest modern watches give you a stylish and trendy look at office.

Elegance Pendant:

Beautiful elegance pendants are studded with crystal. Simple and less work design pendant is a well suited ornament for office going girls and women. This type of jewellery added a every day charm in your attire.








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